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Formule groupe


  1. How many draws may be purchased on a group ticket?

    A group may play one draw at a time, specifically the following draw of the game(s) selected.

    However, the Replay option is available and may be used within 30 days following the draw in which the group has participated. The deadline is indicated on the Création de groupe coupon.

  2. May a group play several lotteries on the same Formule groupe section slip or play Quick Picks?

    No, with the exception of a group participating Lotto Max and Québec Max (Double Jeu Max) or Lotto 6/49 and Québec 49 (Double Jeu 49) draws on the same day.

  3. How many plays may I enter on a Formule Groupe selection slip?

    From 2 to 20.

    The group may enter the numbers of a maximum of 10 selections to which a maximum of 10 Quick Picks may be added.

    It should be noted that, with Lotto Max and Québec Max, only the numbers for the first selection may be chosen. Two other selections are automatically generated by computer to complete the play. In addition, at Lotto 6/49, only the numbers of the Regular Selection (the 6-number selection) may be chosen. One Guaranteed Prize Draw Selection will be generated by computer to complete the play.

  4. With Fomule groupe, how many participants may be in the group?

    From 2 to 20.

  5. How can we play as a group with more than 20 participants?

    Formule Groupe will be in effect as of November 22, 2010. Thereafter, the Group Purchase Agreement will no longer be available from Loto-Québec, either in hardcopy or on the website, and the terminal will not issue no-value group copies.

    It is therefore recommended that the group organizer should endorse the ticket with the mention "as a group", make photocopies of the ticket, give a copy to each group member and write a group agreement on which the information necessary to claim a prize should appear:

    • The name of the person in charge of a group;
    • The name and address of each group member, including postal code and telephone number;
    • Each person's share;
    • The name of the lottery purchased;
    • The number of the lottery ticket purchased;
    • The date of each draw.

    The agreement must be dated and signed by all group members. It's a good idea to give a photocopy of the agreement to each one of them.

  6. Why is the purchase of Extra numbers not offered on Formule Groupe selection slips?

    The purchase price of Extra numbers must be divisible by the number of shares in the group. The terminal therefore automatically indicates the number of Extra tickets that could be played by a group. For example, for a group with 3 shares, the terminal will indicate 3, 6 or 9 Extra numbers.

  7. Do I need to sign the back of my group ticket?

    As for any lottery ticket, it is important to sign your group ticket. This makes it easier to demonstrate that you own the ticket.

  8. May a group use the Replay option if it has lost its Création de groupe coupon?

    No. The group may, however, fill out a new Formule groupe selection slip using the numbers indicated on its group ticket. In that case, the same Extra number(s) cannot be replayed.

    In the case of Lotto Max and Québec Max, the group cannot replay all three selections unless three plays are purchased as each selection chosen is automatically accompanied by two computer-generated selections to complete the play.

    At Lotto 6/49, it should be noted that the Guaranteed Prize Draw Selections may not be replayed. In case of loss of a Création de groupe coupon, the group may fill out a new Formule groupe selection slip and choose the numbers of the 6-number selections using the numbers indicated on its group ticket, but new Guaranteed Prize Draw Selections will be generated by computer.

  9. Where can the holder of group ticket holder claim his prize?

    Each holder of a winning group ticket may claim his prize of $600 or less at a Loto-Québec’s retailer of his choice, regardless of the total prize won by the group for the winning selection. For a prize over $600, he must claim at  Loto-Québec’s Montréal or Québec City offices.

  10. What happens if the prize associated with a group ticket is a Lotto Max or Lotto 6/49 free play?

    The Free play automatically participate in the draw following the draw for which it was won. A group member will receive the ticket associated with the said free play by validating his/her initial winning ticket.

    Here is an example: The consumer purchases a group ticket for the December 3 Lotto Max draw for which he wins a free play valid for the December 10 draw. If he validates his group ticket on December 16 of the same year, the retailer would give him a free group ticket on which the following message is printed: "Date [December 10] of the draw for which one or more free plays have been issued. Please validate this ticket immediately."

  11. Can groups play online?

    No, groups can not play online for the time being.

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