Innovation and research - Ingenio

Innovation and research - Ingenio

Mission: To innovate

Innovation is at the core of everything Ingenio does. The subsidiary designs a range of innovative and entertaining products using avant-garde technological solutions and new marketing mechanisms, therefore contributing to each of the Corporation’s business sectors and its worldwide reputation.

An all-encompassing creative approach

Ingenio’s initiatives are developed in cooperation with concerned gaming sectors and, depending on the project, with partners in the gaming, technology and entertainment industries.

A strong advocate of inclusive and open creative processes, Ingenio plays a key role in the design and worldwide promotion of products and interactive multimedia games that incorporate new mobile and online technologies.

A multidisciplinary team

Ingenio’s team is made up of passionate individuals from all gaming sectors who bring to bear extensive expertise and knowledge that qualify them as experts in their respective field. Scriptwriters, project managers, programmers, designers, artistic directors, administrators, mathematicians and testers all contribute their creative genius and know-how to take up the various challenges they face.

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Last update: December 12, 2014