Need help?

Need help?

Support for compulsive gamblers and their families

Are you concerned about your gaming habits or those of a loved one? Are you in need of additional information, advice or help? If you feel you need help with your gambling behaviour, visit or call 1-800-461-0140. This bilingual service is strictly confidential, free and anonymous, and is available 24/7, anywhere in Québec.

The help line provides useful information to help break the cycle of dependence on games of chance and gambling. This service is provided by the Information and Referral Centre of Greater Montréal, which will direct you to the appropriate free agency nearest you.

Come to the aid of a loved one

It can be quite proving to live in the midst of someone who has a gambling addiction. The loved ones of problem gamblers who would like to help can often times feel overwhelmed by the task at hand. Some suggestions to help you can be found on our web site A game should remain a game.

Other resources

More resources and tools are also available on the web site A game should remain a game.



Last update: March 29, 2017