Benefit poker tournaments

Benefit poker tournaments

Québec's Casinos support a number of organizations and causes each year by holding various benefit poker tournaments. Interested? See our selection criteria below.

Selection criteria:

  1. The organization supported must be an NPO that has been in existence for at least two years.
  2. For the fiscal year beginning April 1, the organization must have completed and submitted a proposal by March 31 of the next year, at the latest, and at least three months prior to the event.
  3. The majority of the proceeds must be given to a recognized charitable cause.
  4. The tournament must generate at least $25,000 in profits.

Our sponsorship program does not support:

  • Individuals;
  • Religious groups or political associations.

Submit a proposal

To analyze your proposal properly and assess its compatibility with the sponsorship policy's selection criteria, we need some information on your event. Please describe your communication plan in detail. Please be assured that we will rigorously evaluate all proposals along with any documents provided for analysis purposes.

There are three simple steps to the sponsorship process.

  1. The form

    You must first send a detailed proposal using the Word form. Feel free to add any comments at the end you think necessary. Send the form at:
  2. The evaluation

    Please allow four weeks to process your proposal. During that time, we will judge if it is eligible for our benefit poker tournament sponsorship program. Final acceptance, however, is based on the availability of facilities at the casino requested.
  3. The answer

    The Québec's Casinos decision on your proposal will be emailed to the name and address indicated in your form.
Last update: March 2, 2016