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Subscribe to our newsletterFor its 35th anniversary, the Collection Loto-Québec is launching the La Collection : l’art de partager program to better fulfill its mission, which is to support the creation of visual arts in Québec via its works acquisition program, and to promote contemporary art.

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La Collection Loto-Québec : l’art de partager

Signature L'art de partager

La Collection Loto-Québec : l’art de partager is designed to significantly increase the presence of the Collection and its artists throughout Québec, including Montréal, and to provide greater support to promoters.

The approach is based on the presentation of cultural events in the form of a traveling themed exhibition and tailored exhibitions that are always free of charge.

See the Collection’s calendar of events to be sure you don’t miss anything!

Traveling themed exhibition

Territoires imaginés - Exhibition on tour 2014-2015

Every year, the La Collection : l’art de partager program is reflected in a themed exhibition on tour in four regions of Québec. View the calendar for dates and locations.

The current thematic exhibition offers a unique multidisciplinary cultural program that includes:

  • Territoires imaginés, par les artistes de la Collection Loto-Québec, an exhibition on tour during 2014 and 2015
  • A participatory work produced by visitors in cooperation with Collection Loto-Québec artist Giorgia Volpe
  • A community legacy project, produced with the support of the Université de Sherbrooke
  • The free showing of films on art in partnership with the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA)
  • A long-term arrangement to loan works of art to a health establishment in the host region, with the collaboration of the Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux (MSSS)

A selection panel made up of three local cultural experts has the opportunity to assess the works of local artists, works that were preselected by Loto-Québec’s curator, for possible purchase by the Collection Loto-Québec. This sales show therefore provides an extraordinary showcase for up-and-coming artists in each region visited.

Territoires imaginés exhibition

Salle d'exposition Territoires imaginés

Territoires imaginés, par les artistes de la Collection Loto-Québec is the thematic exhibition on tour until December 2015. This exhibition explores our homeland, the real and the imaginary, through the eyes of artists whose works are part of the Collection.

Homeland, in a literal or poetic sense, real or fictional, is the theme that links the sixty works presented.

As part of the exhibition, Fred Pellerin penned a wonderful text to describe his personal world, where the idea of homeland takes on its true meaning.

In addition, artists from all over Québec, including Mario Faubert, René Derouin and Frédéric Back, transport us to majestic, surprising, original and charming lands.

See the Calendar for more information.

A work to be shared

Oeuvre de Giorgia Volpe

The title Territoires imaginés is the namesake of a painting by Collection artist Giorgia Volpe that was selected by Loto-Québec to express the idea of homeland, the anchor piece featured in the exhibition.

Visitors are invited to participate in her nomadic project touring Québec produced using recycled materials. This participatory work consists of a braided rope endlessly wound on itself to produce a huge rug. The community comes together symbolically and concretely in a public place that becomes a shared space.

Both the process and the result of this participative project are in keeping with the goal of the La Collection : l’art de partager program, which is the democratization of visual arts.

Wall produced by MU and realised by Rafael Sottolichio
Wall produced by MU and realised by Rafael Sottolichio,

Projects with lasting effects

Each region hosting a traveling themed Collection exhibition benefits from a community legacy project developed in partnership with the Université de Sherbrooke and local stakeholders. These projects provide lasting effects after the exhibition has moved on. Each is an integrated project that combines the arts, the environment and the community.


Screen arts

Films on art related to the theme of the exhibitions could be presented in partnership with the International Festival of Fims on Art. A synergy exists between works of arts and films about art, enriching both creative fields simultaneously.

Watch for our calendar!

Works of arts on loan to health establishments

In cooperation with the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS), the Collection Loto Québec lends some of its works to selected health establishments in regions hosting a traveling themed Collection exhibition. Loans are for a period of 10 years. Patients, employees and visitors frequenting the establishment are therefore able to enjoy more attractive public spaces.

Partnering health establishments
Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Sherbrooke Sherbrooke, Estrie
Centre de santé et de services sociaux des Sommets Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Laurentides
Centre de santé et de services sociaux de la Vallée-de-l’Or Val-d’Or, Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Centre de santé et de services sociaux de Jonquière Saguenay, Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean


Tailored exhibitions

Diverses salles d'exposition

Tailored exhibitions are developed in close cooperation with the Collection’s cultural partners that are unable to host large scale travelling exhibitions. The Collection’s works will be on tour and morph according to the venue, the event and local needs. See the calendar of events to be sure you won’t miss the one coming near you!

The partnership with the Accès culture Montréal program sponsors an exhibition tailor-made for two Maisons de la culture host an exhibition tailored to their venue, and patrons have the opportunity to discover, or rediscover, Collection Loto-Québec works and artists!

Last update: January 9, 2015